Japanese High School Festival – 文化祭

Japanese High School Festival – 文化祭


In Japan, most schools hold a big festival every year to celebrate their culture clubs. 文化祭, Bunkasai as it is called, is an event where students organize performances, exhibitions and lots of food and invite a whole bunch of people to have a lot of fun.

The Video – Bunkasai

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Japanese Clubs

Clubs play a major role in the day to day life of Japanese high school students, and a significant portion of the day.

I’ve been in 2 different clubs since coming to Japan, International Club [インタ部], which is an English debate club, and Calligraphy club [書道部]. I switched to the latter in May, after being in International Club for half a year, starting in late August of last year.

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Japanese High School Clubs

Attending a Japanese High School:

“It’s been 9 months since I first started attending high school in Japan, and 6 months since I last wrote about Japanese high school life, so I thought I would do something a bit special, and try my hand on a vlog. In today’s video I talk about my first day of school, club activities, major events and excursions and the learning curve that comes with attending lessons and studying a new language.”


Attending a Japanese High School – 9 Months


I hope you enjoyed this video all about Japanese High School Festivals. I had so, so much fun during my time their and it was really cool seeing how all the students put in so much work to make the event as cool as it was.  It would be cool if other countries had these. Bunkasai are awesome.

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